Upload Your Artwork for Print Production

How to Upload Your Project Files

To the right is a Big File Uploader created for McCormack Printing. This is used by customers who have files that may be up to a maximum of 2 GB combined per submission. Ideally, one file should not be bigger than 200MB each for reliable transfer.

For some background, e-mail was never designed as a file transfer protocol, it has always been designed for text messages with optional small images included. Email exchangers have a limited overhead file size, therefore if anything over a couple of megabytes should be sent, a cloud-dropping application is preferred. As an option, if you have smaller 10MB files, you can use our quote form and upload them at the same time while submitting the form.

The upload widget will securely upload your files to our file management area. We prefer the file(s) to be uploaded in a .ZIP  or .SIT archive format using the popular FREE applications WinZip or Stuffit for Mac or PC. We also suggest WinRAR for the PC as it supports many formats like RAR and .Z7 format archives if other options are not available.  Make sure each archive uploaded is uniquely named! No spaces, however, a dash as a separator is acceptable. “projectname-031209-part1of5.zip is an example.  Please do not password-protect the archives, as such will only delay production.

File Uploads Take A Few Minutes

Please be patient, if you are uploading anything upwards of 2 GIGs of data, it could take up to 8 to 15 minutes, depending on your internet connection speed. After the files finish loading, don’t forget to click the “Submit File” button to complete the form submission!

Feel free to contact us during business hours if you require any assistance.

Big File Uploader




    Don't forget to click the Submit File button after all the files load! Accepted formats include: JPG, JPEG, PNG, BMP, TIF, PDF, DOC, DOCX, PPT, PPTX, ZIP, and RAR.


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